DocScanner 1.4 released

On 05/26/2009, in News, Updates, iPhone, by Tuomas Rasila

result DocScanner 1.4 releasedDocScanner 1.4 was released today in the iPhone App Store. This new versions adds automatic & manual adjustments to light and contrast, improved edge detection algorithm and some minor bug fixes with email feature. We also updated and it now includes more information about email settings and more screenshots.

We will be working hard with DocScanner in the near future too, the next things we will implement will include some new features of iPhone OS 3.0 API, such as in app mail. Many of there improvements would be about overall quality and usability. Biggest plans we have about new features would be support for printing with Bounjour and possibility to order prints to any address at the world; maybe you have heard about our Postita online mailing service.

The first couple of weeks have been great with the sales we’ve been number 3 to 50 of paid business apps in European and US App Stores. Thank you all for this and stay tuned!

app store DocScanner 1.4 released


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