DocScanner 1.8.2 released for the iPhone

On 08/25/2009, in News, Updates, iPhone, by Tuomas Rasila

DocScanner 1.8.2 is now available in the iPhone App Store (iTunes Link).

This new version adds following new features:

  • Zoom in/out saved docs with 2 finger gesture (previously only in a single page scanning mode)
  • Undo support aka “back button”: requires more memory, may sometimes crash the app (this experimental feature can be activated under settings)
  • Finnish i18n

There is also minor bug fix:
User can now scan pages from album when adding pages to document import option copies an image without edge detection/contrast improvement.

app store DocScanner 1.8.2 released for the iPhone

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25 Responses to DocScanner 1.8.2 released for the iPhone

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  1. Ron Foley says:

    Does this work on the 3GS. I bought it but it crashes everytime I try to save the documnent.

    • Hi, I am sorry to hear you are having problems. Can you tell us what iPhone OS version you are running? We have tested this with 3GS and it works perfectly on ours. So we are unable to reproduce the error you are having.

  2. Glyn says:

    Just installed on 3g sent pdf email and continously trying to send “1 unsent email” athough nothing in outbox. Have reset phone still trying to send, how can I stop?

    • Hi,

      Are you properly connected to the Internet? Can you send any other mail? There might be two reasons for this:
      1) You cannot connect to your smtp server
      2) Your smtp server refuses to send big attachments

      When PDF sent from DocScanner it is just like any other mail it the iPhones native Mail application.

      Hope this helps.

    • Glyn says:

      Found it was trying to use my hotmail account and for some reason this is not working, so that would explain it. Sorry

  3. hoshi says:


    Please tell me what is different point compeared with another photo trimming app.
    Dose this app have function of character recognition?
    I cannot understand the advantage of this app,sorry.

    • Hi Hoshi,

      Thanks for you questions and sorry for the late response. DocScanner does not currently have possibility to do OCR. We are working with that, but it is not good enough to be released yet. Our goal is to make scanned documents to look good and then add other feature. The key features of DocScanner are folowing:

      Automatic edge detection and cropping of the image
      Possibility to create standard size PDFs
      DocScanner corrects the perpective of an Image
      DocScanner corrects light and contrast of an Image

      In the next major release (2.0) we are adding following improvements:

      The white balance algorithm has been rewritten and makes now amazing job
      The user interface is much sleeker and easier to use
      There are some features I cannot talk about yet, but DocScanner 2.0 will be out in couple of weeks. (We are sending it to Apple for review at next week)

  4. Donald says:

    hi, I just got it. Great. Works great but in the settings menu how do UNDO SUPPORT and ADD WEBDAV ACCOUNT work? What are they?
    Are istructions available?
    Thank you

    • Jussi says:

      Hi Donald!
      Thank you for contacting us.

      The “Undo support” enables to reset to the point of finetuning the edges of the document. Please notice that the feature consumes more memory – we recommend to disable it for older models than 3GS.

      The “Add WebDAV Account” gives you the option to save documents directly to any WebDAV service available (E.g. iDisk). You need to have an account and to set your account info to the DocScanner™ WebDAV settings to get it working.
      For further instructions, please visit the instructions -page. You can also see the basic instructions from the DocScanner™ app by tapping the DocScanner™ logo on the mainmenu.

      I hope this answers to your guestion – please give us feedback on any issue you have concerning to the DocScanner™ app!

  5. Becker says:

    Hi, the “scrolling” of documents in the Document section doesn’t work if you have a list with more docs as you can see on one page/screen – please update

  6. Sergio says:

    I just got it. I scan a document and i try to send by mail, i recive an advice that´s says
    ” In app mail not available” can you please tell me what i have to do. My I phone is a 3G
    me I disable the “Undo support”.

  7. David El Dib says:

    Tried to get it but it is unavailable in the german itunes shop …. :(

  8. David El Dib says:

    Today the app is back in the app store for € 6.99. :(

  9. João Silvério says:

    I suggest to use the accelarometer to get the picture without distorsion…

    Best regards…

  10. Matthew says:

    Hello: I am looking at purchasing this App, but I am concerned about the feedback and the App not working with iPhone OS 3.1 on the 3GS. Has that bug been resolved?

    • Hi,

      The App works on 3.1 and 3GS. I’m running it on those myself. Few users have had some problems over the time and we are grateful to have reports from them. But out of tens of thousands of users I can say that it works. We work constantly to make the app better as well as to find and fix problems.

    • Matthew says:

      Thank you for getting back to me Tuomas.

  11. Aquinate says:

    Mich nerven die halb durchsichtigen Balken oben und unten
    ich will docscanner nutzen um meine klaviernoten als gedaechtnisstuetze dabei zu haben.
    Immer wieder ist das was ich brauche verborgen
    soomen ist beim spielen leider nicht möglich . Wenn das gelost wird 5 Sterne

  12. Ricky Kuyper says:

    I just purchased this program, and I scanned in 168 pages. I email it, and it send the email out, but it has no PDF attachment. I send it as JPG files and I only get about 30 JPG files… IF I send only 1 page I scan in, it emails fine… I really need this file off of here… is there any way I can directly sync to the Mac, or other way to get this document… HELP….!!!

  13. David El Dib says:

    Where can I get this version? I don’t want to upgrade to 3.1.

  14. Alvaro Fernandez says:

    I bought this application before, but I download the last versión for iPhone and the program was deleted. I am not whiling to pay again. How can I get it??

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