How to get the DocScanner s60?

On 09/10/2009, in News, by Tuomas Rasila

docscanS60 How to get the DocScanner s60?For closer look, please look the details with screenshots at the instructions -page

  1. Go to the Ovi Store
  2. To Purchase the DocScanner®, please select the “Buy” –button.
  3. Next, you must signin to your account
  4. When you’re signed in, please select the “Buy” –button
  5. The Ovi Store asks you to re-enter your password
  6. Please choose the payment method
  7. The Ovi Store asks your card details
  8. Please confirm the purchase
  9. The DocScanner™ will be installed and after that, you may launch the DocScanner®!

6 Responses to How to get the DocScanner s60?

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  1. Fabi Mario says:


  2. Andrea says:

    Will this be available for E71x? This is too cool

  3. Dr.Eder says:

    i have an Nokia N97 and cannot download this Programm from ovi-Store. i get only an link, but i cannot get the Program on my N97

    • Aziz says:

      Did you buy via Ovi Store? I’ve N97 too, and I downloaded from Ovi store. It worked for me.

  4. michaelk says:


    Does this work on N8 ? Some Symbian programs work, others don’t – and I don’t want to pay for it and find it doesn’t work.

    (I am very happy to test for you guys if you don’t have an N8 )

    • Jarmo Hekkanen says:

      Unfortunately the DocScanner S60 version doesn’t completely work on the Nokia N8 but the upcoming DocScanner Qt will do the job as it is developed with the mentioned phone model.

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