DocScanner iPhone 2.0 will be released in October. There will be many new features and improvements in usability.

To give some taste we are posting these couple of before and after pics with the new white balance algorithm.

The first image is an original without any corrections. And the latter is the end result after following steps DocScanner makes automatically:

  1. Cropping the image
  2. Correcting perpective (keystone) – DocScanner also detect paper size automatically. In this case: letter
  3. White balance correcting and light normalization

There will be a possibility to select how aggressive the algorithm is. The sharpening of image will a selectable option as well.

app store DocScanner iPhone 2.0 to have new white balance algorithm


4 Responses to DocScanner iPhone 2.0 to have new white balance algorithm

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  1. Bob says:

    It would be great if we could save an existing docscanner-document (which has been saved previosly) as JPEG to the camera roll. (not only email it)
    Reason: sometimes I would like to add some scribbles to the scanned JPEG document ( there is an app for that). Adding scribbles (highlights, arrows.,,) directly within docscanner would be ideal obviously.
    Great app, thanks!

  2. Laurent says:

    And it would be great to allows us to set password for PDF files we create.

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