docscan v2 promo 02 DocScanner 2.0 is available in the iPhone App Store

DocScanner iPhone 2.0 is finally available in the App Store. The biggest new improvements are:

  • New second generation image enhancement algorithm
  • Evernote integration from App-to-App
  • New vastly improvement user interface

There are also some minor bug fixes. DocScanner 2.0 requires iPhone OS 3.1.

September was the best month ever to us and we gained about 20,000 new users. Thank you all! We are already working on the next version and our development team has a new member. As usual, we’ll share some info about next release a bit before it is out. There will be couple of mind blowing features in it;)

This video is from the all most final version. We’ll post another one once we get it done. Enjoy!

app store DocScanner 2.0 is available in the iPhone App Store


3 Responses to DocScanner 2.0 is available in the iPhone App Store

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  1. Narwal says:

    Great work, but can you get rid of that ugly magnifying glass , it is not only annoying but I can’t position the pointer were I want it to be because it takes all the space, please remove it.

  2. zenzen says:

    Hi. Thanks for the great app!
    New update to 2.0.1 on Apple Store doesn’t recognize that the app is already updated. When go back to Apple store after update it still shows that update is available. Not sure if this is an issue with update by itself or with Apple Store. Could you please check.

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