DocScanner iPhone 3.0 released!

On 12/23/2009, in News, Updates, iPhone, by Tuomas Rasila

docscan v3 released wordpress 01 DocScanner iPhone 3.0 released!

The DocScanner iPhone is developing fast and offers new features.
We’re always listening to your wishes, so please give us feedback!

New features and improvements:

  • Text in scanned documents is now recognized and thus searchable
  • Share documents using WIFI
  • Password protect pdf-files
  • Improvements to image whitening algorithm
  • User interface improvements
  • Magnifying glass on/off
  • Minor bug fixes

app store DocScanner iPhone 3.0 released!


4 Responses to DocScanner iPhone 3.0 released!

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  1. Narwal says:

    Great work guys great to see you listen to customers and the magnifying glass off feature is very helpful. Scans have also vastly improved.

    One thing I would recomend is the manual place ment of edges to be done in the way as the OCR Tool app. It is very userfriendly and intutive than manually dragging around edges. Apart from that it’s all good.

  2. Jose delgado says:

    This is a great product. I just want to know how the magnifying glass works. What’s the difference between the on/off option.


  3. Jinman says:

    Does it support Korean? If not, do you have a plan?

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