docscan icon 303 OCR 512x512 v2 300x300 DocScanner iPhone 3.0.3 released, adds OCR support and some minor improvementsDocScanner 3.0.3 for the iPhone is now available! The biggest thing with the new release is that OCR data is now included to generated PDFs.

Our goal was to make scanned PDFs searchable, yet printable. The problem with OCR using iPhone’s camera is the lack of quality. For this reason we ended up hiding OCR data behind the scanned image. In future versions we will improve the quality and add possibilities to scan documents for editing. Maybe we will integrate with some of the popular office apps like Documents to Go® or Quickoffice at that point.

Other news features are:

  • Two finger gesture for rotating pages
  • Untitled documents are automatically named using OCR data

What’s next

DocScanner is all the time under active development and we are usually updating the app once in month. Currently we are working with following new features.

Dropbox integration, syncing capabilities, tags & folders

In near future the spooler feature of DocScanner will have possibility sync documents to supported services. This means that syncing all documents to iDisk, WebDAV, Evernote, Email or Dropbox will be easy.

As we will add features for organizing Documents with tags and folders it would be also possible to sync only documents in some folder or with some tag. For example you can:

  1. Tag all your receipts with a tag receipt
  2. Create sync rule for sending all documents with tag receipt to pre-defined email
  3. Every time you sync all the new scans with the tag will be automatically sent.

This should make managing e.g. you corporate credit card purchases bit more automatic.

Order pages, Annotate documents

Another thing we are exited about is the possibility to edit documents. Soon DocScanner will have all new interface capable of ordering pages, combining documents and annotating PDFs. Since ordering pages is pretty self-described lets focus to annotating PDFs.

Quite usual use case is that someone gives you a paper form and asks you to fill the form, then email it. Another variation of the same case is that you get and email containing a PDF and you have to sign it, then email. In near future DocScanner will be capable of handling these both use cases.

The new annotating feature lets you add text fields, free drawings and signatures to documents. To make this really usable we will add a way to import email attachment PDFs as well. In the beginning we will support only Gmail. This is due the fact that there is no possibility for third party applications to read emails directly from the iPhone’s Mail App.

app store DocScanner iPhone 3.0.3 released, adds OCR support and some minor improvements


17 Responses to DocScanner iPhone 3.0.3 released, adds OCR support and some minor improvements

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  1. sdfsdf says:

    is there a way to auto crop the full page of the picture? i tend to frame the document nicely when i capture the picture thus making the edge detection kind of redundant too me and im kinda too half assed to adjust the cropping all the way to the edges myself

    • spg says:

      Very excited about future developments – DocScanner is becoming an amazing app -thank you. You mention importing email pdf attachments – another app I use, GoodReader, has the best example I’ve yet seen on reading email so you can get at attachments – works with pop, imap, etc – could this approach be incorporated into Docscanner?

      Also, one thing I often need to do in DocScanner is change the type of image processing aggressiveness AFTER I have taken a pic/scan. It would be great to have option to undo processing and change aggressiveness without having to delete pic and retake.

      Anyway, thanks again for a really great app.

      • Thanks,

        I agree with your point all the settings that effect to image should be alterable after shooting the image. We’ll look into this.

  2. Dave says:

    How does the OCR feature work? I can’t get it to do anything. Can I copy the contents of the analyzed document to the iPhone clipboard?

    • When you export PDFs from DocScanner the PDFs have OCR data and you can copy it using PDF-reader on your computer. We are working on more features for OCR.

    • Angelo says:

      I just bought the app and scanned a document, then emailed a pdf to myself. When I opened it up on my laptop, I couldn’t highlight or copy any text. There doesn’t seem to be any OCR info in the document.

  3. Jared says:

    No samples?

  4. Alexander Colón says:

    Please add Dropbox!

  5. Mumtaz says:

    Since all the improvements are “coming soon”, should I wait until they arrive….or will they be included as a free upgrade?

    • You are right, that sounds like everything is coming soon;) In our blog we cover a lot of things that we are working with currently and releasing soon. All the updates of DocScanner are free, so there is no risk of buying at wrong time. We typically update DocScanner about once in a month. Updates are free and they install with minimal effort just by accepting updates from the App Store.

  6. Alex says:

    Do you plan add support Russian (cyrillic) alphabet in OCR ?

  7. Murad Alikhan says:

    I purchased this application from Itune icould not finde OCR in the app
    how can I get the latest version

    • The OCR is done when you run “Spooler”. After running spooler the exported PDF files have the OCR data.

      Hope this helps,


  8. Kevin Reynolds says:

    Cannot get documents to Evernote – just seems to start the evernote app and stop!!!

    • Hi,

      The latest update of Evernote App broke the integration. We are working with Evernote to get it back working again ASAP. Sorry for this, we’ll let you know once this works again.

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