DocScanner 1.3 for Android is released

On 05/19/2010, in Android, Updates, by Tuomas Rasila
main DocScanner 1.3 for Android is released

DocScanner 1.3 running on Nexus One

Many of our Android users have been angry for a reason after downloading DocScanner 1.2 for Android. Sorry for the inconvenience. There was a nasty bug that caused crashing with latest Android devices.

Now we have fixed these issues in DocScanner 1.3 for Android. In near future we are about to add new features to the Android version. These will include Google Docs support that is also coming up to DocScanner iPhone.

get it on google play DocScanner 1.3 for Android is released


3 Responses to DocScanner 1.3 for Android is released

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  1. Augusto says:

    Where can I download DocScanner? It is not in Android Market yet.


    • In many countries Android Market does not make it possible to buy paid applications. Can you buy any application or do you only see the free ones?

  2. Culibin says:

    Большая проблема сфотографировать документ так, чтобы программа его адаптировала. Пока у меня ничего не получается. И после обработки я не вижу разницы между фото и результатом программы. Пока я разочарован.
    Аппарат HTC Desie.

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