SayText – How to read a document using SayText video

On 06/30/2010, in Uncategorized, by Tuomas Rasila

This video shows how to read a document with SayText.

Thank you all, for your feedback and questions – here’s some answers to the most common guestions:

Does SayText work on iPhone 3GS?

Yes, it does. We assume, that SayText works better with the iPhone 4, but we havn’t got one yet to try it out.

Does it come for other platforms too?

Right now we’re focusing on the iPhone version, but perhaps later we’ll develop versions for other popular platforms as well.

Does it support other languages, than english?

Not yet, but we’ll look into it and we’ll probably get translations for the most common languages. Japanese, chinese, korean and cyrillic text are a bit tricky for the OCR, but we might get those too in a few months – no promises though.


3 Responses to SayText – How to read a document using SayText video

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  1. Renee zelic says:

    Is there a way to save text?

  2. Andrew D. says:

    Really like the app!

    The question I would like to have answered is, are there any plans to enable the highlighting of words as they are being read aloud within SayText? That would make this app a real superstar.

    As an assistive technologist I have already started to recommend this app to students that have iPhones (most all of them…) and hope you keep the development of this app going. I bought DocScanner and it is a great app as well!

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