We just sent a major update of DocScanner iPhone to Apple for review. Pretty much every corner of DocScanner got improved. Here are the
Highlights of DocScanner 4.0 release:

- Support for Google Docs
- Improved Dropbox support
- iOS4 compatibility and improvements
- AutoShoot – DocScanner finds the documents in the camera in real time and shoots the image when iPhone is stable and document is in the finder.
- Possibility to alter scanning options in the middle of the scanning process.
- Original photos are saved for later editing
- Smaller JPG and PDF files
- Improvements with OCR
- PDF tags
- Improvements in page ordering user experience

app store Major update of DocScanner iPhone just sent to Apple


3 Responses to Major update of DocScanner iPhone just sent to Apple

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  1. Riccardo says:

    The dropbox login does not work. Despite urerid and password are correct, it says always that username or password are wrong. Pls correct it. Thx.

  2. Ray says:

    Sounds great, can’t wait!!!

  3. Wagner says:

    Does the developer plan to suport language specific OCR (Portuguese in my case)? If so when?
    Replies to my email so that I may buy app when OCR available.

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