DocScanner iPhone 4.02 released!

On 09/02/2010, in News, Updates, iPhone, by Tuomas Rasila

This update fixes bugs with the brightness and contrast sliders, paper size adjustment and the documents send to Dropbox or Google Docs now have .pdf extension.

Brightness and contrast sliders
In the early versions users had to press a button to update the adjustemts with the sliders, but now the sliders work in realtime and you can see the results as you make adjustments.

Paper size adjustment
This bugfix enables users adjust what the function actually was ment for. Before this, the adjustment was overridden and the result wasn’t correct.

Google Docs and the Dropbox .pdf extension
There has been reported issues with this one, but now the documents will have the .pdf extension and opens as a pdf -file.

app store DocScanner iPhone 4.02 released!


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