How to: Send documents to Evernote (iPhone)

On 10/21/2010, in How to..., iPhone, by Tuomas Rasila

To send documents (or selected pages of a document) to Evernote, you need to setup the Evernote settings from the DocScanner Settings panel.


  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Choose “Add Evernote Account”
  3. Enter your Evernote account’s username and password (you can also set a custom name for you account, by changing the “Description”)
  4. Choose “Save”

After you’ve made the settings right, you should test the connection, by selcting the “Test Connection” -button. If there’s a problem with the connection, please double check your account info.

In action:

  1. Go to “Documents”
  2. Select a specific document or selected pages of a document
  3. Choose “Send -button”
  4. Choose specific Evernote account

Evernote will recognize the text within documents, if you’ve OCR’d the PDF-documents or if it’s in JPG -format. If you send a JPG-file to Evernote, you can search for words within the documents, but you cannot select & copy it. If you want to copy the text, you need to run the OCR for the document and then send it as a PDF-file to Evernote.

app store How to: Send documents to Evernote (iPhone)


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