DocScanner Android 1.61

On 11/05/2010, in Android, News, Updates, by jarno

send gdocs 180x300 DocScanner Android 1.61

Choose DS Google Docs application to send pdf-file to Google Docs.

upload 180x300 DocScanner Android 1.61

Updating files to Google Docs happens now in the background. Upload start, progress and finish/failure will be shown in status bar (Bar at the top of the screen)

upload progess 180x300 DocScanner Android 1.61

While upload is still on going. You can check the upload progress by dragging the status bar open.

upload progress cancel 180x300 DocScanner Android 1.61

If you click upload progress item in status bar, you get view where you can interrupt upload process. To stop upload process just click cancel button.

Version 1.61

  • Bug fixes
    • Doc Scanner’s pdf-files can be opened on Google Docs
  • You can continue to use DocScanner or other applications while uploading pdf-file to Google Docs.
  • Upload is now more reliable (The upload resumes by it self, if connection breaks down)

get it on google play DocScanner Android 1.61


3 Responses to DocScanner Android 1.61

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  1. david burnett says:

    scans great on my droid x.. but even with correct email addr/pw, keeps telling me i have the wrong one.. but i can work around by sending with gmail app… but it would be nice if i didnt have to do that, any ideas?

  2. jarno says:

    Are you talking about sending file/files to Google Docs or to Evernote. Those two choises are only ones that are a part of docScanner. Other choices are applications that comes with your phone or you have downloaded by your self so can’t really help with those.

    If it’s googleDocs or Evernote options that cause you this problem, you could

    Go to options view and log off from that applications account and try again sending this
    files (So login dialog appears and input correct userId and Password)

    Sometimes I have problem with connection. To check if this is the case you can go to phones Wireless & Network settings and switch Airplane mode on and back off. Then try again.

  3. jarno says:

    This is possible bug. Could you make official notification of this problem by clicking the support tag that’s on the left side of this page.

    If my help didn’t bear fruit, please copy the original message that you sent with information about application that you try to log in to.

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