DocScanner Mac will be released tomorrow January 6, 2011 in the new Mac App Store. In celebration of this release we made 83% off sale to iPhone and Android versions. Tomorrow we will put the original price back so act quickly if you want to get DocScanner when it is on sale.

As always we are improving DocScanner with all of the platforms and right now we are finalizing new QT powered version for Nokia devices and improving user interface on iPhone to be more productive when scanning in batch.

app store Today is the last day to get DocScanner for 83% off on Android and iPhone


5 Responses to Today is the last day to get DocScanner for 83% off on Android and iPhone

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  1. Kevin H. says:

    Disappointing to see the blurb in the Wall Street Journal today and find out that the price is triple what was noted in the paper. Seems a little shifty that sale just ended before the paper was published.

  2. Kevin Hull says:

    Disappointing that I find the blurb in the Wall Street Journal only to find out that the price is triple the price shown in the newspaper. Seems a little shifty to end the sale right before the newspaper is published.

    • You are so right! This is bad coordination from us. We’ll change the price now! Thanks for writing to us Kevin!

      Tuomas Rasila
      Founder, Norfello Inc.

  3. William Barr says:

    You were dishonest with the WSJ about pricing. WSJ 1/8/2011 edition stated price $1. How dumb can you be. After all your effort, you destroyed your customer base by making people feel taken by your price change. Would you trust a vendor with what you did? And if the issue is an honest error, how many honest errors are in the software. You are a quick case study for MBA as to what to avoid at all cost. Bad news to be screwed in this economy. I did not buy the software. Good idea. Will look at competitors product. Thanks for the idea. WAN

    • Hi William,

      We did not know that they putting any price info there nor did we know when or what they are writing. Now the price is back to $0.99 because of the story on WSJ.

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