Things could be better today. We have really been waiting for Mac App Store to open and DocScanner Mac to get released. Today we got info from Apple that DocScanner Mac is not going to be on the App Store today. We’ll post more info here as soon as we know more. If you want to get notified when DocScanner Mac is in the Mac App Store, subscribe to our newsletter on the bottom of this page.

UPDATE: January 12 2:40AM PST Apple Mac Store has released the DocScanner Mac today – Get it here.

UPDATE: January 7 3:37AM PST We just sent a new binary to Apple. Usually it takes about a week to go thru the review process

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2 Responses to Bad news, DocScanner Mac release will delay, Apple wants some changes (Update: Released)

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  1. Moose g says:

    What ? How ? Why ?

    After seeing some of the crap that has managed to make it through to the app store already – what on earth is their problem ?

  2. James Moore says:

    Thanks for the update. Was wondering where it was on Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the Mac app.

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