DS mac mainscreen 101 v3 Sneak peek to upcoming DocScanner Mac 1.1, submitted to Apple on 14th JanFirst, thanks to everyone who sent us feedback about DocScanner Mac. We got lots of it. Some about problems, some about what we have done right. We have read it all and answered to everyone. DocScanner Mac 1.1 mostly targets to fix individual usability issues, yet it also has overall improvements as well.

What’s new in DocScanner Mac 1.1

Beautified and more functional user interface.

The most notable change is the new appearance and new top bar in the main user interface. Color scheme has been altered so that DocScanner Mac does not get confused with Preview app. These two apps are likely to run at same time, since you can drag & drop pages between these two apps.

The top bar has now new buttons for various tasks to make it easier to use. We got a lot of feedback from users who experienced issues with the usability.

The New DocScanner Mac version has got an option to make custom paper sizes and adjust the excisting ones.

Improved PDF support lets you to edit imported PDF files. At first imported PDFs look just like any imported images, but once you choose to edit one, it’ll be transformed to an image (The DocScanner Mac will prompt each time).

The userface and usability has been significantly improved from the initial version. Theres buttons for the main actions on the top bar, which makes it easier to export PDFs, run OCR, edit pages and so on.

Please contact us, if you have any issues or ideas to make DocScanner better. You’ll find the “Support” button on the left side of every page.

mac app store Sneak peek to upcoming DocScanner Mac 1.1, submitted to Apple on 14th Jan


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