DocScanner iPhone 5.0 released

On 03/30/2011, in News, Updates, iPhone, by Tuomas Rasila

iPhone DS 5 promo DocScanner iPhone 5.0 releasedFor 24 hrs, DocScanner iPhone 5.0 is available for $0.99! Get it now from the iTunes App Store.

5.0 is a major update with major usability re-design including:

  • New faster and simplified scanning process: Select the type of document, where to send to it and what file format to use.
  • Batch scanning, select multiple photos at once.
  • Configurable e-mail recipients makes e-mailing faster. No need to write e-mail address, subject and message every time you send a document.
  • Send plain text documents. (OCR requires high quality photos for good results)
  • Special image processing for business cards and receipts

app store DocScanner iPhone 5.0 released


6 Responses to DocScanner iPhone 5.0 released

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  1. Big_Berny says:

    Thanks for the update. The gui looks easier now.

    Altough I have a question: Didn’t you say somewhere that the next version will have an image stabilizer? I couldn’t find it. Or is it enabled in background?

    • When you are shooting images with auto shooting mode. It waits until the image is stable. Hold the phone still until you hear the beep and it takes the photo once the phone is stable.

      • Big_Berny says:

        And how can it autoshoot be used? The option “Auto Shoot Beep” is enabled in the preferences but if I scan a page while shaking my iphone it takes the photo immediately. Any idea why?

  2. frances schuman says:

    it froze how do you fix it?

  3. BigB says:

    Amazing app you’ve made here. This is my first time hearing about it ever (at version 5!) — and only heard about it because you made it free for a day. Had you not done that, I would have never found this impressive piece of software… I always wondered why developers would make a pay app free for a day. Of course everyone is going to snag it on that day, right? Then I just realized the principle in action. Since I downloaded it and tried it, I have already emailed or told at least 4 friends about it. Word of mouth advertising can be priceless. I can guarantee that they won’t download it while it’s free like I urged them to do… and when I see them in person and demonstrate how incredible it is, they will ask me why I hadn’t told them about it yet!? *Sigh* Of course then, they’re going to have to get the app themselves — because once they see it in action, the idea will sink into their thick skulls that I don’t just strongly recommend them to download fart apps or some useless garbage. When I recommend something, it deserves their attention.

    By that time, the app has a price on it again, and they end up paying you for your app (which you absolutely deserve). I had the privilege of getting it for free, so I want to thank you for doing so. You saved me money, and in return, I end up showing the app off to everyone… which is ongoing promotion and publicity (and hopefully sales). So thank you again for this priceless (literally and figuratively) app, it will save me hours and hours of time, vs. JotNot, which I regret ever paying for. This app is far superior to the competition.

    Any of these people posting reviews saying it’s terrible blah blah… I read one that said this is the worst app I have ever used (I think for the Mac version) — don’t listen to them. Some people just can’t be pleased. Maybe if they’d contact support and report the problem or try and get some help (usually as I find in technical support, it’s often user error causing the issue, the whole time insisting it’s the software).

    The selection of cloud storage (and other methods) to store your documents is an impressive point. Dropbox, Evernote, MobileMe’s iDisk, Google Docs, WebDAV, and a feature that to me, is unique… why other developers haven’t implemented this as standard practice — but the simple, yet productive “custom email recipients” list. Whether it was your idea or not, I wish more apps had this, as the people who I end up sending most things to on my iPhone are the same, selective contacts. What a time-saver to not have to manually create these emails each time! Some may say “sure, it saves you 2 whole seconds” — not in the long run, my friend. If you are doing this on a regular and frequent basis, those two seconds begin to add up!

    The only two “major” cloud services I think you’ve left remaining are and SugarSync; but with the plethora of other choices in your app, I think those won’t be immediately missed. Of course, we have Amazon’s new cloud offering, but… with their new little pet green robot and their seething animosity shared with the other monolith in town, I doubt we’ll need to worry about an Amazon+Apple collaboration anytime soon. I should keep my mouth shut. I said the “A” word… three times…

    Regardless to current digital politics, I am naturally excited about finding an app that does all of the things I’d like, without laborious extra steps that make the process painful after a short time. JotNot (aka: WorkNot) I had abandoned months ago because of this very problem, and I’ve been lacking a replacement ever since. Today, I found it in your software.

    Good luck to you in the future, I hope your app flourishes, and please… as users, we love it when we see an update in the app store that adds new (though useful) features! Hopefully you can continue to innovate and we will see some new things on the horizon for this app, in time.

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