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On 04/05/2011, in News, by Tuomas Rasila

Näyttökuva 2011 04 05 kohteessa 3.38.47 PM Beta invite to our new appWe are starting a beta with our new app called ContactStash. It is a cloud service that recognizes business cards and automatically finds additional information about them.

The idea is to take photos of business cards and send them to the service. Proven by testing, using a camera to digitize business cards is the most productive way to do it. It only takes a few seconds per card.

Your images will automatically turn into rich contact data. To provide accuracy like no other, it employs the latest science and human inspection. This is done together with Microtask. Their platform allows us to send small parts of business cards for human inspection. Sending only small parts at time keeps the data safe and private ContactStash will search for new insights about your contacts 24/7. ContactStash arms you with the tools to build business upon your contact base.

We currently have integration to Evernote and Google Contacts. ContactsStash can import images of business cards from Evernote and put the data to Google Contacts. This way it will automatically sync with you Mac, iPhone, Android devices and Outlook to name a few.

So if you are interested, please go to and Get a Beta Invite. We will give all our beta testers 6 months of free access to our premium plan, once we launch it.


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