location services 300x228 Solution for Album bug on iPhone DocScanner explainedSome of our customers have given reports of an issue concerning the Album access, in which the DocScanner froze to “Loading” -screen. We’ve now found an temporary solution to fix this – Although we’ll work on the next updates to fix it more conveniently.

The solution:
If you get white screen with title “Loading …” when accessing the album, you need to go to iPhone Settings and enable “Location Services” for Docscanner. If DocScanner is not listed in Location Services settings, go back to DocScanner and create one document with camera.


One Response to Solution for Album bug on iPhone DocScanner explained

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  1. Eric says:

    Hi. I used to be a big fan of docscanner.
    Since IOS 5 released, it didn’t work properly at all as you know.
    I’ve been waiting for the new update since now but never released
    Do you have any plan to make a new update version at all?

    Sincere yours

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