photo 225x300 Why We Think DocScanner 6 iOS Will Be The Most Productive Document Scanner AppDocument scanner apps for smartphones have existed since 2009. The basic functioning of a scanner app has virtually remained the same ever since – take a photo, accept the photo, drag corners to match the document, and then press a button to process. This equals four different steps before you have the final scanned document.

In the upcoming DocScanner 6 iOS, this whole process has been rethought. The result is a one tap philosophy, where just a single tap is enough to get you what you ultimately want – a crystal clear scanned document.

Now, let’s see how this productive simplicity is actually achieved.

#1 Automatic Post-processing

Most scanner apps require the user to manually post-process the scanned image. Usually the post-processing includes at least dragging corners to match the document. Other adjustments may also be necessary, like adjusting the brightness level. Once these adjustments are made, the scanner app usually processes the image for additional 10-20 seconds before the scan is complete.

DocScanner completely removes the need for manual post-processing. It does all the post-processing for the user. There is no visible post-processing step at all, as the app does that automatically in the background. The user can view the scanned document right after the scan.

#2 Non-stop Scanning

With other scanner apps, the scanning process is usually interrupted by the post-processing phase, where the user has to make manual adjustments to the scanned image before it can be saved. This can be time consuming when scanning multi page documents, because the scanning is interrupted after each page.

DocScanner has fully automated post-processing. As said before, the post-processing runs in the background allowing the user to continue scanning uninterrupted. There’s also a toggle switch in the viewfinder interface to allow easy switching between single and multi page scanning modes.

#3 Realtime Preview Of Scan Quality

Many scanner apps let the user see the final scanned document only after extensive manual post-processing. A lot of time can be wasted, if the quality of the scanned document doesn’t satisfy the user.

The new, magical viewfinder of DocScanner lets the user see the document as it would appear when scanned. This completely exclusive feature of the DocScanner guarantees you will always get a successful scan of the document with the first shot.

#4 One Tap Sending Into iCloud And Evernote

To make the one tap philosophy complete, DocScanner can send the documents directly into iCloud and Evernote after scanning. Just type in your Evernote username and password, and it sends the document to Evernote automatically after each scan. Once the documents are stored in Evernote, you can access them with any device – PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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69 Responses to Why We Think DocScanner 6 iOS Will Be The Most Productive Document Scanner App

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  1. Ed zun says:

    Very Bad aplication. The new version is extremely bad and no functional.

    • jori says:

      We have released two updates since the initial release of DocScanner 6 iOS. So why not to check your App Store and update to the latest version.

  2. Christoph Wittmann says:

    Alas, all of your explanations sound wonderful but in fact since update this app is no more usable. What a shame!! This certainly was one of my most productive apps… Can you please regrade to last version? Otherwise I’ll have to use something else… In which case I would feel betrayed. Shame…

  3. Joe says:

    Since the update, the app crashes, when I try to look up my already scanned documents. I see a rotating wheel at one document, the the app crashes. I do not dare to deinstall/reinstall, since I would loose all scanned documents!!! How can I save/export my scans without having to access the document list, that crashes the app? Please help!

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your message Joe. I suggest you first update to the latest version (6.0.2 at the moment). If the problem still exists, try restarting your iPhone/iPad. Hope this helps.

  4. wode says:

    Hi am no longer able to add tags to my document since upgrading. This was a useful feature for me as the tags are retained in evernote and can find docs quickly based on tags. I wish you / the developers would also include what has been removed when releasing a update. You have made what used to be a valuable application worth less to me and cannot use it in current version to manage my paperwork as I was doing with previous version

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your comment wode! As you have noticed, DocScanner 6 iOS is a 100 % revision of the previous version. Some of the most important version 5 features will be incrementally added to DocScanner 6.

  5. Marty Stock says:

    DocScanner on my iPad is stuck with a red-circled 1, indicating (I guess) that it’s still processing some scan. I can’t figure out what to do to complete it or cancel it. I’m thinking of deleting the app and reinstalling it freshly. I wish it had some indicator besides the swirling around a numeral 1 in Camera window to tell me what the problem is.

    It’s too “simplified” in this current version. I will be switching to a different scanning app if you can’t add documentation and help buttons to everything. Most basically, for example, I can’t find how to rotate a scan! Very frustrating!

    Please reply quickly!


    • jori says:

      Thanks for your message Marty. As you know, the new DocScanner has been designed to shorten the path from scanning to archiving into a single step. A lot of manual adjustments have been automated in this quest for extra simple scanning. It may take a while to get familiar with the new DocScanner, but once you get more used to it, you’ll see the advantages it has compared to version 5.

  6. Max Alvelais says:

    Yes, pelease make version 5 available again, the new way of moving the corners is, to say the least, impractical. And the automatic detection and settings are not functional.
    Another topic: the OCR has never worked for me, not on sinlge document ever, not on any version… All my scanned documents are in Spanish.
    Thank you

    • jori says:

      Thanks for your comment Max! I have tested and used DocScanner 6 with automatic settings, and it works just fine. Could you be more specific what you mean by “not functional”? What kind of documents do you scan with DocScanner?

      The latest update to DocScanner 6 includes better OCR, and the OCR will improve even further this year. So why not to update to the latest version?

  7. Shannon says:

    With the auto-send to Evernote there doesn’t seem to be a way to manually send to evernote which is annoying. I’d like to adjust documents in the doc scanner (e.g. make multiple paged groups or delete bad scans) then send it over to evernote but there is no way to do this without converting to a PDF and opening it in evernote which isn’t ideal.

  8. John Lamb says:

    Please restore 5.0. Contrary to my regular practice, I blindly upgraded DocScanner and have found it to be unusable in its current version. Rating it a 1 in iTunes and moving to another app is not what I want to do; I want to continue to use the great product you used to have.

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