IMG 0073 225x300 The PDF Issue In DocScanner 6 Has Been Fixed And The Update Is On The Way

Update 07/24/2012: Version 6.0.2 is now available in App Store. In this version, the PDF issue is now fixed.

The issue that prevented emailing and opening scanned documents as PDF has now been fixed. The fix has been sent to App Store, and will be out any time soon.

In the meantime, the issue can be easily bypassed by renaming the document before sending or opening it as PDF. When viewing the document, tap “Details”. Touch the “Document title” field. It should read “No title”. Now rename the document and then email or open it normally.


19 Responses to The PDF Issue In DocScanner 6 Has Been Fixed And The Update Is On The Way

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  1. Daniel Oliveira Carvalho says:

    I’Have problem To convert image for PDF, and I’pay for this program.

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your comment Daniel! Version 6.0.2 is now out there, and has full PDF functionality.

  2. Guilherme cecilio says:

    O programa era perfeito, mas com essa atualização ficou péssimo. Não consigo mais ordenar os documentos por data nem por nome. O ideal seria voltar essas opções! Aguardo as correções!

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your feedback Guilherme. These options will be restored in the coming updates.

  3. zuntghen says:

    Docscanner has a lot of problems, non only to save in pdf format.
    I’m no more able to scan any documents: the app crashes a loto of time before I can finish my works.
    And I’m no more able to reach my old documents: the app crashes before I can join my scanned documents.

    Do something tha can solve this problem: restore the docscanner 5 so we can works whit it whitout have to buy another scnaning software.

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your message! DocScanner 6.0.2 is now out there, and it should work with no problems. Please update to this version.

  4. TJ Longacre says:

    This update has NOT been productive. I would like to hear from anyone who thinks otherwise.

    The app does not snap the image automatically, no on-screen lines to help align the document, the image can’t be rotated, the three enhancement options suck compared to the previous ones. The scanner app landscape used to have a good app (docscanner), but now is littered with half-assed attempts (docscanner, geniusscan, etc.).

    Is there anyway to get the previous version back on my iPhone?

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your feedback TJ. DocScanner 6 has a completely redesigned user interface. Once you get used to it, we guarantee you will love it. If you wish to go back to DocScanner 5, check your iTunes -> Library -> Apps and see if it’s there.

  5. Samer says:

    I sent message regarding a bug but no reply from your side,
    My problem is the following :
    1- the manual option not active
    2- multi pages option not active
    Please reply
    Thank you

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your feedback! If you wish to manually adjust the scanned document, you can take a photo with the regular camera app your iPhone/iPad has, and then import from Camera Roll. Version 6 has a multipage scanning option. In the viewfinder mode, there’s a toggle switch on the bottom right corner. Slide the switch to the right, and you are able to scan multiple pages.

  6. Samer says:

    Sorry I want to declare that my device is I phone 4
    Thank you

  7. Travis says:

    I have doc scanner. I can’t access documents saved before. Is there a fix? Can a person revert to version 5?

  8. Steve Ragan says:

    The problems with the updated app are much greater than this. A great app has been made lousy. Are you listening to your emails and feedback??? I know you’re not responding to your customers.

    Your rating has gone from near perfect to a “1″ overnight. And it’s only a “1″ because Apple doesn’t allow a lower rating.

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your feedback Steve. As you have noticed, DocScanner 6 is a complete revision of the previous version. Getting used to it may take a while, but once you get familiar with it, I’m sure you will notice the advantages it has compared to previous versions.

  9. Kerry says:

    Ever since I updated to 6.0 I lost all my documents

    • jori says:

      In the viewfinder mode, click the button on the bottom left corner to view your documents.

  10. Braino says:

    One comment on this workaround: the file name you provide must not have any spaces…

    Underscores work, however.

  11. Miguel says:


    When I try to scan a Biz card it always stays distorted (srinked) and I can not rotate it. What shall I do to overcome this issue?

    • jori says:

      Hi Miguel and thank you for your comment. To scan successfully, make sure the biz card is on a flat surface and the space is well lit. Hold your smartphone or tablet vertically and scan.

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