src1 300x186 Understanding More On Optical Character Recognitionbin1 300x186 Understanding More On Optical Character RecognitionOptical Character Recognition (OCR) software is typically optimized for flatbed scanners. The image output of a digital camera can be much different from that of a scanner. Since DocScanner is mostly used in mobile devices that come with an integrated digital camera, this has been the major challenge for DocScanner’s OCR in the past.

One part of OCR in DocScanner is based on noise reduction and edge detection. Noise reduction in mobile OCR is of special importance since all digital photographs include a certain degree of noise. The more noise the image has, the more challenging it becomes to recognize characters in it, as the noise shows up as random black dots among the characters once the image is binarized. Therefore noise reduction is the key for better OCR results.

A part of the DocScanner development team is currently improving the existing OCR feature even further. The noise reduction is being fine tuned into a whole new level to make nearly errorless character recognition possible, even if the original photo has a relatively high degree of noise in it. In this quest for the best OCR results, latest hardware and software techniques, such as neural network calculation are being used. Currently, the enhanced OCR is getting faster and more accurate every day. Once complete, these improvements will be supplied to all DocScanner users in an update. The new OCR will also be the backbone of our soon-to-come contact management tool

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19 Responses to Understanding More On Optical Character Recognition

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  1. Max Alvelais says:

    OCR in DocScanner?
    I’ve been using DocScanner for two years and never, not a single time, ghe OCR has recongmized a single word correctly.
    I’ve tried it with every option and the result is always the same, only a collection of strange characters with no relation with the printed words in the scanned documents.

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your feedback Max. For best OCR results, scan the document on a flat surface in a well-lit space. Also make sure the font is not too difficult for the OCR.

      DocScanner 6.0.1 now has better OCR, so why not to update?

      • Max Alvelais says:

        Thank you for your kind response.
        But: yes I have the update! by the way… is it possible to avoid the update? Version 5 was almost perfect, I’ve used it everyday.
        Version 6 is terrible, please go back to Version 5.
        Only thing that doesn’t work in Version 5 (same as all other versions) is OCR, I had scanned more than 1,200 documents with DocScanner, and, never, the OCR has recognized a single word correctly.
        Today I’ve made more than 20 intents with a Costco receipt (with Version 6.0.2) and the OCR fails every time, not a single word, not a single character o number is recognized.
        OCR seem a bad joke in DocScanner…

      • Max Alvelais says:

        Fail of the OCR is not caused for the font, as I’ve scanned more than 1,200 disctint documents, always in good light and they are perfectly legible, only fail is DocScanner OCR, it doesn’t work on any document.
        Have you tried it personally?, I mean, have you used DocScanner in your every day life?
        Does you have any example of a document that has been correctly recognized by the OCR in DocScanner?
        I can mail you examples of many documents, all of them perfectly legible that fail to be recognized by the OCR in DocScanner.
        Thank you again and I’m sorry if this sound a little rude, but I’m feeling very frustrated with every update in DocScanner, seems that every update is a backwards step and not a forward step in functionality and reliability of a great and useful app.

      • jori says:

        Thank you Max. In this Youtube video I demo the DocScanner 6 iOS OCR with English language:

        The text you see in the video is printed from Wikipedia:

        The font is Arial and the size is 12. In this OCR demo, the result is near perfect.

        The OCR recognizes best Arial/Helvetica and Times New Roman type of fonts. The font usually used in receipts is Courier or similar, and this may be the case why OCR is not performing well on receipts.

      • Max Alvelais says:

        No answer here…

    • Max Alvelais says:

      Hi there!
      Thank you again for your response.
      Yes, I’ve seen the video, but, honestly… how many of your customers buy DocScanner to print, scan and copy Wikipedia articles?
      We bought DocScanner to made the things you promised it will do… to make a “live without paper” and that’s the problem many costumers are reporting, every update your app get worse, and fell short of the promises.
      In version 5, the OCR didn’t make it either, but, at least, we were able to manage our documents, crop them and rotate them, with no problem.
      Even we can transfer them easily to a computer.
      Now, we have to scroll to the very bottom to see and “edit” (partially) the last document, and the documents are inaccesible (only way I have found is to save them to the camera roll).
      Please, get up and give us Version 5 again, and made no “updates” until they are ready…

      • Max Alvelais says:

        P.D. I your reply to Luis Bravo you write “and see of DocScanner 5 is still there.”
        Don’t you even know how your apps are presented in the App Store?
        Of course, I’ve checked it and there’s no version available other than the useless version 6.
        Please give us, seriously, an option to return to version 5.
        We, as many other of your customers, made the update on your own words “Why We Think DocScanner 6 iOS Will Be The Most Productive Document Scanner App…” only to find it was untrue, to say the least…

  2. Paul Wallace says:

    Since the latest release this app no longer works at all. Can you let me know when this will be fixed?

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your comment Paul. Could you describe the problem more specifically, please?

  3. Luis bravo says:

    Por favor regresen la versión previa

    • jori says:

      Thank you for your feedback Luis. Some version 5 features will be added to version 6 in coming updates. If you wish to go back to version 5, you can check your iTunes -> Library -> Apps, and see if DocScanner 5 is still there.

  4. WLAUDECYR says:

    I have just update the latest version of DocScanner……. Now I can’t use this anymore…… please what do you do???? it was wonderful, now worse… please make available the previous version……

  5. Luis bravo says:

    Please please please return to version 5 or I will change to Turboscan

  6. Gericke says:

    I like docscanner also the New Version. I have a proposal for Improvement. As I have many documents the current view with icons but nö document Name is difficult. That was much easier and better before!

  7. Sami says:

    I’m still waiting for new update.
    Please return to V5 I cant use this version!

  8. Andre Teixeira says:

    You must be kidding. Your app is sinking on App Store ratings (1 1/2 stars due to 2 5-star ratings given by some kind of “unconditional fan”, all the others are 1-star), and you talk about OCR?

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION!!! This new version is unusable!!!

  9. Bob says:

    I have been using docscanner for quite a long time now and use it daily. Well until lately. After this latest update it stopped working correctly ad crashes. This is no doubt because I and running iOS beta 6, so I put no fault to the devs for this. What this caused was me downloading another app that works well, but not all the features I have come to love with Docscanner. The one feature it does have is folders that I love. It allows you to drag and drop right into folders or open and create right within. If a feature like this could be added to docscanner it would be the ultimate app. And if you need a beta tester for ios 6 update, I would be happy to assist.

  10. Steve Ragan says:

    Your app continues to get worse and worse. Pleas bring back the old – and much better – version!

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