IMG 3686 300x200 Seven Tips on How to Get Better Scan Results with Your Scanner App

Improve your scan results dramatically with these seven simple tips.

1 Scan on a flat surface

Scanning on a curvy surface may distort the scan result, as the perspective correction is designed for a flat document.

2 Scan in a well-lit space

A well-lit room or a bright sunlight are the ideal lightning conditions for taking a successful scan. If for some reason you decide to scan in a poorly lit space, try not to use the flash as it distributes light unevenly on the document surface and messes up camera focus.

3 Ideally, the document should be unfolded and uncreased

Any foldings or creases on the document distort the final scan result to some extent. While the text itself may be perfectly readable, the text lines can be wavy.

4 Use a high resolution digital camera

The latest iPhone, the 5, sports a 8-megapixel iSight camera, which is more than sufficient to get an excellent quality scan of a document. In general, the more megapixels your camera has, the better.

5 Use any accessory to stabilize your iPhone/iPad

Anyone of us may have shaky hands occasionally. Stabilizing your smartphone or tablet with any available accessory will help the camera to better lock on and focus on the document.

6 Clean up the camera lens

Most smartphones and tablets have a small diameter camera lens. Every particle of dirt, dust, or grease on such a small lens will affect the image quality. Clean up the camera lens with any suitable garment or lens wipe for better scan quality.

7 Use DocScanner as a scanner app

DocScanner has the best scan quality out of any scanner app currently available for the iOS and Android. Many free, and even paid scanner apps lack the sophisticated image processing methods that DocScanner has. If you are using any other scanner app, try DocScanner today.

app store Seven Tips on How to Get Better Scan Results with Your Scanner App

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5 Responses to Seven Tips on How to Get Better Scan Results with Your Scanner App

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  1. Steve Ragan says:

    Here is an even better tip…switch back to the old version of Docscanner! New version is terrible and virtually unusable. I have switched to GeniusScan. Not as good a the old version of Docscanner but it is usable.

  2. Bruno says:

    How can I view documents saved directly by DocScanner in iCloud?

    • jori says:

      Thanks Bruno. iCloud works a bit different from other file hosting services, because it’s actually a back-up service to restore your files.

      If you wish to use a normal file hosting service, I suggest Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive.

  3. Raymondrealtyca says:

    Please put back The pasword opción to save scanned ítems !!!!!!

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