Five Good Reasons to Choose DocScanner

On 09/06/2012, in iPad, iPhone, by jori

Screenshot of a document scanner app 200x300 Five Good Reasons to Choose DocScanner#1 It produces the brightest PDFs from your documents

The DocScanner image quality has been evaluated as “a cut above the rest” by the Wall Street Journal. DocScanner produces the sharpest and most paperlike PDF documents from any paper document.

#2 It increases your daily productivity

DocScanner is designed to be the most productive scanner app in the market. To achieve this goal, DocScanner automates much of the traditional scanner app functionality. In addition to one-tap scanning & uploading to file hosting services such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs, DocScanner features a realtime preview of scan result, document type auto-recognition, auto-sorting by document type, and automatic document post-processing for non-stop scanning.

#3 It works seamlessly with your Apple devices

DocScanner is a universal iOS app. It works natively both on the iPhone and the iPad. In addition to app universality, DocScanner supports iCloud for easy synchronization of your documents between your Apple devices. DocScanner is also available as a Mac app.

#4 It helps you to extract text from documents

DocScanner is one of the few document scanner apps on the market with a built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With OCR, you can painlessly extract the text out of your documents. The DocScanner OCR is available on 36 different languages.

#5 It comes with wireless features that add extra value to you

DocScanner supports AirPrint for easy, wireless printing. It also offers a possibility to use a network attached HP flatbed scanner as an external image source. This feature is available as an In-App Purchase (IAP).

app store Five Good Reasons to Choose DocScanner

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  1. Slava says:

    After updating to version 6.0.5, my application crashes when photocopies multiple page document and then converting to PDF. It would be with it, please do something? Use the new IPad.

  2. Karen says:

    After upgrading to the new version, my doc scan becomes landscape orientation. where can i find manual?

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