IMG 3739 300x199 How to Digitize & Share Handouts and Lecture Notes with Ease?

Universities and colleges these days can be the last fortresses of the paper era. Although most professors and teachers write their lecture material with a word processor, it is commonly distributed as regular handouts. This can be troublesome if you miss a lecture, and there is a limited number of handouts. In some cases you may also wish to copy the lecture notes your friend has made. Usually you would just go to your friend, and ask if you could make a copy of his handout or notes.

Well, this is still the case, except now in the Post-PC era you don’t have to go looking for the nearest copy machine. All you need is your smartphone or tablet with DocScanner and Evernote installed and you are good to go. Digitize any document with DocScanner and share it on Evernote with a single tap. So here’s how to do it.

First, have DocScanner and Evernote installed in your device, and register an Evernote account. Create a new Evernote notebook. You can share the notebook with anybody you like. Start DocScanner, and set it to send scanned documents to the Evernote notebook you just created. Scan the handouts and lecture notes you need. Voilà! – You now have them digitized in your Evernote notebook. You can create as many notebooks you like. This helps to keep your handouts and notes organized. Create a notebook for each lecture or subject.

The DocScanner + Evernote combo is at its best on your tablet. The tablet screen is usually big enough to view the documents in readable size without any zooming in, and most tablets come with a high resolution camera to allow on the spot scanning of any handout or lecture notes paper. Copying and sharing handouts and lecture notes has never been this easy and productive!

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