IMG 38542 Digitizing Newspaper Articles with DocScanner

Old or new, sometimes there are interesting articles in the newspapers you wish to digitize for showing friends & relatives, or for archiving for later use. In fact, now you don’t even need a flatbed scanner to do that. All you need is the DocScanner document scanner app, and an iOS or Android based smart device with an integrated camera, and you are good to go. In some cases, the article might not even fit into a scanner, so a smart device with a digital camera is a much better way to digitize it.

So here’s how to do it

1. Install DocScanner onto your smart device. (DocScanner for iPhone & iPad) (DocScanner S for Android)

2. Digitize the article with DocScanner. (Basic scanning with DocScanner 6 iOS) (Basic scanning with DocScanner S for Android)

3. To share the article, you can export it to your favorite cloud storage. DocScanner currently supports Evernote, Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also email the article to one or more recipients using the built-in email feature.

ProTip: For best results, use manual crop to crop the scanned article.

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