Tazin kirja DocScanner Featured in Hand Held Hollywoods Film Making with the iPad & iPhone

The DocScanner app has recently been featured in a new book “Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking With The iPad & iPhone” by Taz Goldstein. In his 362-page book, Taz – a director and a producer of award winning films, television productions, and corporate projects – introduces & reviews hundreds of iDevice filmmaking accessories and apps.

Apple has indeed revolutionized entire industries with its range of iDevices and other unique products – and filmmaking is definitely no exception about this. When coupled with the right accessories and apps, an iDevice practically transforms into anything. In the chapters, Taz covers many handy apps that can replace software and devices with 4-5 figure price tags. He also goes through a series of iPhone & iPad accessories that can convert an iDevice to a fully functional movie camera.

In the section dedicated to DocScanner, Taz tells that he uses the app because “it produces the best-looking photo-based scans he has seen from any iOS device”. I’m glad to hear we have a one more advocate for DocScanner’s top class image quality. Taz also praises the DocScanner autodetection feature, which detects the document at hand and automatically snaps a photo of it. He says that “when scanning a document with DocScanner, the app does most of the work for you, making it your lowest-paid crew member”, making a reference to DocScanner’s time saving, fully automated scanning process. All in all, Taz’s evaluation of DocScanner is very positive, and can be found on pages 125-126.

I personally enjoyed reading through Taz’s app & accessory reviews, and as an app fan, learned about dozens of new apps one can use in making video productions. The book is virtually full of useful tips on how to get the most out of your iDevice in filmmaking. Highly recommended for anybody interested in the subject.

Hand Held Hollywood’s Filmmaking With The iPad & iPhone is available at Peachpit.com.


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