IMG 3878 1024x631 Another Cool Way to Fill Your Dropbox Quota

Dropbox has been around for quite some time now, and new apps using it keep surfacing regularly. A one more way to use up your precious Dropbox quota is of course the DocScanner app.

Available for both iOS and Android, DocScanner is a document scanner app for mobile devices. It uses the device camera to capture the document, then processes it to look like it has been scanned with a regular desktop scanner. It simply transforms your mobile device to a handheld portable scanner.

Once finished with the scanning process, DocScanner creates a PDF document out of the real thing. The cool thing about DocScanner is that you can set it to auto-upload your scanned documents to Dropbox, immediately after they are processed.

Linking your Dropbox account to DocScanner is fast. If you already have Dropbox installed on your device, just a couple of taps in DocScanner is all you need to do. You can preset one or more Dropbox folders to receive documents from DocScanner.

A one DocScanner generated PDF document takes up around 1 MB, so with the free 2 GB plan you can upload up to 2,000 documents to your Dropbox account, and even more if you decide to go for the pro plans.

The DocScanner+Dropbox combo is already popular among students who use it for sharing digitized class handouts and lecture notes online. An invaluable tool for digitizing all paper documents, DocScanner just isn’t complete without Dropbox.

Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 11.50.07 AM Another Cool Way to Fill Your Dropbox Quota

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