DocScanner S for Android

DocScanner S is an extremely fast scanner app that creates matchless PDF documents. Its unique combination of high speed and clear image quality make it a must-have productivity app. In addition, it comes with a full range of export options, allowing you to instantly send & share your scanned documents.


✔ Ultra-fast scanning process

✔ Produces matchless PDF documents and JPG images

✔ Single & multipage scanning

✔ Export scanned documents into e-mail, messaging apps, and file hosting services (Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more…)

✔ Use Bluetooth and WiFi to easily transfer files between devices.

✔ Unique productivity improving features (realtime preview of scan result, one-tap uploading to file hosting services, document type auto-recognition, auto-sort, automatic post-processing)

✔ In-app document manager – Create folders, attach & detach documents, delete documents.

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  1. Kathy Williams says:

    Are you planning to make the Android version of Say Text any time soon? I want to run it on the EVO.

  2. PeteJacobsen says:

    On my Incredible, the camera is forced to the smallest resolution (640x3xx), which results in unreadable pictures of text. It is not possible to change the resolution (only “small” is listed). Also, when the PDF arrives at google docs, it cannot be viewed. Google docs acknowledges the file, and that it is a PDF, but says it cannot be displayed.

    Any help for these problems?

    • jarno says:

      I’ll check, If I can get Incredible’s camera to work. In newest version Camera should either work (full size image) or not. If phones camera doesn’t support android api then I suggest to use gallery option until native camera application supports api or we find hack to get full size picture from camera.

      I’ll also see if I can fix pdf format to such that google docs preview works.

      Thank you for notifying us.

    • jarno says:

      Sorry can’t find how to make Incredible to take full size pictures. Take picture with your camera application and use gallery option to scan image. Phone’s native camera application doesn’t follow api and I can’t find hack to this.

      With best regards,

  3. Augusto says:

    Any chance to get DocScanner out of Android Market?

  4. harzerpower says:

    Why there is no trial available ?? Or is it ??

    I think, to pay before I know if it will work on my Galaxy Tab is too high risk.

    I tried another DOCSCANNER with trial version 7 days and it was very bad.

    But it is only trial, so I do not have payed for it and I do not lost any EUR !!!