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Is there some thing specific you have in mind how DocScanner could be improved? You can suggest new features for the Doc­Scanner and vote for the existing features here.

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  1. Lock says:

    oh, forgot to say, I’m using an iPhone 3GS 32GB

  2. bobmorey says:

    I just bought Docscanner for my iphone but can’t get it to work. If i hit it on my iphone, it won’t open up, if i go back to the apps page it shows it to be installed- i think it did not fully download to my i phone- but how do i get it to work? or how do i remove it and reinstall it?

  3. Angelo says:

    I left a message a bit earlier that’s disappeared. Anyway, I couldn’t get OCR to work but having read through the iPhone instructions page, I managed to see where I was going wrong. All works as expected. Thanks for an app with great value! I look forward to further development and enhancements.

  4. Patricia Dziuk says:

    I find that the resolution of scans is too high and that the only settings option is “basic, enhanced or aggressive” but don’t see much change in the resolution and don’t understand the resolution differences as far as file size (except for a guess). I end up with 3MB scans of a few pages instead of kb files.

  5. Antti says:

    If I send scanned document to Evernote it won’t show immediately on Evernote but takes time to load when I open it from Evernote.

    Normal notes and pictures will open immediately or if I first save document from DocScanner to Iphone’s album and then add it to Evernote then it also works normally.

    • Hi Antti,

      There is one copy to do before Evernote App can access the image. This takes a while. The upcoming version of DocScanner (released in two weeks) will have support for synchronizing documents with Evernote directly without Evernote App. This will in many cases speed things up and it also makes possible to sync all the documents at time.



  6. JKortman says:

    Crashes every time you try access ing by share type in the UL then User Then Pas­word and Blink Progam crashes Start it Backup Do the above again crashes

  7. manuel says:

    I just bought Doc­scan­ner for my iphone 3GS 32gig but can’t get it to do OCR. Where is the option to do OCR?

  8. Ruby Bradley says:

    I try to email my scanned document as a pdf and I get the following error message:
    “In app mail not available”
    What do I need to enable the email function?
    That was the main reason I bought this application

  9. Tim says:

    Hi Guys,

    I want to be able to rotate a doc in docscanner.


  10. Timo Palas says:

    voiko docscanneriä myös käyttää visiittikorttien kopioimista varten, niin että siirtyvät automaattisesti kontakteihin? Ei ole mainintaa. Olisi erittäin hyvä lisä. Valitan suomen kieleni kanteutta, olen yli 40 vuotta ollut poissa Suomesta ( Sveitsissä ja Amerikassa ).
    Kiitos ja ystävällisin terveisin, Timo Palas

  11. Reinier Taudin Chabot says:

    I’m excited about the dropbox function. But for now it changes my foldernames, duplicating the original “notes to me” to “notes%20to%me”, in stead of using the original name. So now I end up with a crippled structure in Dropbox….

  12. Augusto says:

    I’m not able to download DocScanner 1.3 for Android. It is still not available in Android Market. Great app!

    • Do you have a older version of DocScanner and you are looking for the upgrade. It should be there. If that was not the case please note that, in many countries Android Market does not make it possible to buy paid applications. Can you buy any application or do you only see the free ones?

  13. bil says:

    On an eris with android 2.1, I can’t scan even once. I get this error:
    “The application DocScanner(process docsscanner.main) has stopped unexepectedly. Please try again.”

    Evernote scans well. So it is at least possible.
    I can get a photo already stored on the eris successfully with DocScanner
    Other than that the app looks good and I am looking forward to full functionality.
    I especially like the google docs integration because I believe I will be able to work the same as with evernote, but without the monthly fee.

    • Hi,
      We had buggy initial version of DocScanner Android and there was lots of problems with the latest Android versions. Now we have fixed all the reported bugs and if new is found we will fix it. Next major Android release is going to have Evernote integration

  14. Adam B says:

    where’s the blackberry docscanner app?

  15. Waver says:

    Hi there,
    Was wondering if this app would be developed for Bada OS? I believe this app would work fine with Waves good camera, but of course the choice is yours..

  16. gassan says:

    show us a demo for s60 devices.

  17. Big_Berny says:

    Hi guys
    Thanks a lot for this app, it’s simply great. Specially the dropbox-integration is super useful. There’s only one wish I have for future versions: It would be great if you could add an (kind of) image stabilization like in multiple camera apps. This could make the scans even sharper.

    I’m on iOS btw.

    Thanks again and regards from Switzerland!

  18. Dave Swift says:

    I really like the high quality scans this app produces, but I scan and email the same type of document at least twice a day. I need to be able to set default settings for quality and resolution. I keep having to do the same setting adjustments over and over.

    Keep up the good work,

    iOS iPad

  19. Robert Schoenburg says:

    I was mislead by TUAW about this app. What is the point of OCR if one cannot use/save the extracted text?

  20. Chris Blair says:

    I have just downloaded and tested DocScanner and am happy with the results…..until I found I couldn’t upload them to my WebDav area. The config is correct and the connection tested positive but when I tried to upload a 2 page pdf to that area I got

    Failed 406 Not Acceptable

    The file size is only 348kb

    Loving it but need to get over this hurdle.


    Chris Blair

    • Hi Chris,
      Thanks for your message. We’ll reply to this by tomorrow.

      • Chris Blair says:

        Thanks for the response – will wait until I hear from you. In the meantime there has been a development. I created another seperate WebDav area – again the connection is positive however, when I try to upload to this new area I get the following message

        Failed – Could not determine remote file name

        I know this works as I am running a comparison test for our company between DocScanner and Scanner Pro and Scanner Pro uploads to that area using the same login criteria.


        Chris Blair

  21. Matthias says:

    Your app sounds great. Please add support for German.

  22. Bjorn says:

    I just bought DocScanner for mac. I’m mostly positive about it, but I miss being able to select a bunch of images and apply the same output options to each of them. As it works now I have to redo the same operations for every image.

  23. Jorge Arturo says:

    I have been usign docscanner since 2009, in my Nokia 5800, then my Nokia N97, but I purchase the Nokia N8, and the ovi store says that the app is not compatible with it, could you do something, and update, upgrade or something else.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for contacting us. We are about to release a new QT version of DocScanner and it is being developed using N8. I’ll send you a contact to our QT developer so you can get a test version as early as we are able to send it. Thanks for using DocScanner!


      Tuomas Rasila
      Founder, Norfello Inc.

  24. Bengt Skanhamre says:

    I’ve just upgraded to version 1.1 for Mac. When I press the Evernote button, nothing happens. How should I set Docscanner to sync with Evernote?

  25. Susan says:

    Hello, I just bought DocScanner for my Nokia E71 at the Ovi-store. But I cannot open the application. The Ovi-store says I can use the app on my phone. Can you please help me?

  26. Joe says:

    Thank you so much for developing SayText for blind people, and more importantly, for making the app free! that’s very generous of you.

  27. spoonik says:

    I updated DocScanner for iPhone to V5.0!
    Its new batch scanning is great!
    And the look and feel are improved.
    I have two request. If possible, please consider them for next update:
    1. Background texture of scanned document is not beautiful, I’ve been
    thinking. (the sandy color texture)
    If you think so too, please change its color.
    Customizabliity might be better. (but too much)
    2. After Scanned, auto-save is desirable.
    Currently I have to do ‘Set Area’(if Manual is selected), ‘Scan’, ‘Save’.
    Because I had selected ‘Save (to DocScanner)’ in Scan setting,
    auto-save, without pushing ‘Save’, is more simple and useful.

  28. Hi!

    I love the last update of DocScanner (6.0), it is very clean and the design intuitive. I just want to ask you 3 things:
    1 – I need to connect DocScanner to Google Drive and SkyDrive, how can I do?

    2 – You take out the option for password in the document, could you re-implement it? An password for the app would be very useful too…

    3 – OCR for Portuguese. When?

    Thank You!

    • Hi,
      1) We are about to support at least Google Drive in a same manner how we support Dropbox and Evernote currently
      2) Good point we wil look into it
      3) There is a Portuguese OCR in DocScanner 6 iOS already

  29. Adrian says:

    I just downloaded your new 6.0 version however I can’t seem to find how you can save your scans as PDF’s before they auto upload? This is a pretty critical feature but seems to be missing from the latest version. Currently I have to upload them as JPEGS and then go and convert them into PDF’s from Preview app on the MAC. Very annoying – it was much easier to just use immediately as PDF’s. Can you please help?

    • Our bad, sorry for the trouble. There is a bug and not all sending options are shown. We are currently fixing this issue and will submit the fix to Apple by the end of the day. In the meanwhile you can use “Open in iBooks” to get the PDF out and to send it via email.