DS iphone5 pic2 iPhone & iPadTake a picture of a document with
iPhone’s camera, email it as PDF.

DocScanner has got industry leading (link to a benchmark test) image processing algorithms which automatically turn the picture to look like you have scanned the document with a flatbed scanner. Document gets automatically recognized within the view finder in real time.
Using custom algorithms DocScanner takes most of the iPhone’s camera and corrects perspective, whiteness, noise and other parts of the image to produce beautiful and clear scans.

DS scan illustr web iPhone & iPadUse DocScanner to capture whiteboards and receipts, digitize your Moleskine notebook to a PDF-file or Evernote.

DocScanner is not limited to paper documents only. You can use it to make clear captures of meeting notes on a whiteboard and later on include those to your presentations. You can scan multipage documents such as your whole Moleskine notebook. It is great for scanning receipts of your business expenses. You can even set up a synchronization rule to email all of your receipts to your accountant.

DS ocr illustr web iPhone & iPad

Search text within your document library.

DocScanner has an internal OCR-function that recognizes text and turns the documents you have captured with the camera to searchable text. The matching text in searched words get highlighted. In addition you can also copy the recognized text and e.g. send it with e-mail.

evernote icon iPhone & iPadUse Evernote as your second brain.

If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a cloud storage service for documents with lot of additional document related functionality, such as search and handwriting recognition. We happen to love Evernote and use it by ourselves. We have been working closely with them to make DocScanner the best Scanner App to feed your Evernote account. It has various ways to send a document to Evernote for different use cases. You can also set a synchronization rule to define even more specific use cases. Once you are up and running with the setup you can sync with one tap. DocScanner can be found in the Evernote Trunk too. You can set Evernote account up for free or buy their premium plan.

dropbox icon iPhone & iPadDrop your documents to your Dropbox.

When DocScanner was released, we started to get request to integrate with Dropbox almost immediately. That’s not strange, as Dropbox is super-useful, popular and clean cloud storage service. DocScanner is listed in Dropbox App Directory. Dropbox has free and paid plans.

GD DS idisk icon iPhone & iPadWebDAV and Google Drive.

DocScanner has integrations to WebDAV and Google Drive. Saving your documents to these services is made as easy as saving them locally. Additionally you can gain more accurate OCR result by saving to Google Drive. By supporting various cloud services we aim to make DocScanner as versatile document capture tool as possible. When ever a paper document lands to your life you can always digitize it fast with the same process and same tool. Then send it to relevant tool for doing the next part of the process. DocScanner is a great capture tool for GTD.

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  1. James says:

    BTW, suppose you have a page with a lot of curl or your light or background is not all that contrasting, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to help with the corner recognition when you receive a preview. Many have been this far already, and have noticed that you can grab the corners and move them into place. But have you noticed that you need only touch close to the corner in order to move it? That is, if you touch on your screen such that you can still see the corner, docScanner will recognize that you are moving the nearest corner to your finger. Rather than have the corner hidden under your finger, in this way, you can see where the corner will end up.

  2. Thuan says:

    I cannot upload scanned document to my idisk acount. I receive a message: Failed – 402 Payment Required. My idisk account is active. Please help.

  3. yoshiyuki says:

    EVERNOTE に送信が出来ません。
    DOCSCANNER のバグであれば、早急に修正願います。

  4. TONY WONG says:


  5. Golfrato says:

    I am planning to purchase the DocScanner app and i would like to know if the ocr has compatibility with other languagues like portuguese?
    Thank you

  6. Jim Lyons says:

    Why is one page of a 2-page doc landscape, the other portrait? Can I rotate?

  7. Dave says:

    It seems there is no way to edit OCR’ed text in place. Sometimes the recognition is not perfect and being able to edit in place would be great.


  8. Simon Williams says:

    Please can you add the ability to preset the pixel width and height in the custom set up. I scan a lot of business cards to Evernote and the best setting is 450 wide by 350 high. Currently I have to set this manually for every scan to have a choice of my own presets would be very helpful.

  9. Julio says:

    To me, this is the best application for the iphone scanner, the problem is that since I upgraded to S.O. 4.01, I can not open

  10. Scott says:

    Do u have any lite or free version before I purchase ur full app ? Cuz I really need an app that support OCR … I already tried another app, but its too slow and recognition is really bad

  11. Markus says:

    I would like to upload a document to my idisc but get failure message 404 or 409 message. How do I need to configure the access data?

  12. Joe says:

    How do I get the OCR to do anything? I “spool” a document but don’t see anything returned? IS this being emailed somewhere?
    PLEASE HELP – as it is its useless to me – I can’t find any instructions on how / where to setup?

  13. Dan Riffle says:

    Can this app be used on the iPad to ‘scan’ from imported photos? Any plans for an iPad app?

  14. Frank says:


    the syncronization with Flash in Dark areas is not really good. The Flash is off before the Picture is taken.
    Please check it.



  15. Cris says:

    You can add compatibility with SugarSync?