iStock 000004581445XSmall MacTransform piles of paper to digital archive faster than ever.

Shooting an image of a document with a camera is faster than scanning the document with a flatbed scanner in most cases. DocScanner Mac automatically converts those images to clear PDF-documents and even detects text within. Just Drag & Drop the pile of images to DocScanner Dock icon and the rest is done fast and automatically.

DocScanner has industry leading image processing algorithms which automatically turn the picture to look like you have scanned the document with a flatbed scanner. The document gets automatically recognized within the image. Using custom algorithms DocScanner takes the most out of your camera and corrects perspective, whiteness, noise and other parts of the image to produce beautiful and clear scans.

opengl2 Mac

Hardware accelerated.

DocScanner Mac makes use of the 3D accelerated graphics card on your Mac. Using these technologies, we have been able to make DocScanner to run extremely fast. This is especially important when you are processing a large number of images. All the Macs, sold since 2009 have suitable hardware.

drag drop 2 Mac

Drag & Drop, In & Out.

DocScanner Mac takes advantage of the algorithms we have developed and tested with hundreds of thousands of users with iOS. The biggest thing we created from scratch is the user interface. It is light and fast. Just Drag & Drop pages and images within documents and you are all set.

Drag pages to Desktop or other applications. Everything works as expected.


Got an expensive DSLR? That’s great news, you can use it as a scanner.

With better quality images, DocScanner Mac is capable of creating better quality results. Modern DSLRs provide stunning image quality. DocScanner Mac is optimized to use all the information in the image to create documents with an amazing quality.

evernote icon Mac

Use Evernote as your second brain.

If you are unfamiliar with Evernote, it is a cloud storage service for documents with lot of additional document related functionality, such as search and handwriting recognition. We happen to love Evernote and use it ourselves. We have been working closely with them to make DocScanner the best Scanner App to feed your Evernote account.

DocScanner Mac has direct integration to Free Evernote Mac App. DocScanner can be found in the Evernote Trunk too. You can set up an Evernote account for free or buy their premium plan.

printer 2 Mac

Optimized for printing.

The plain image of a document is generally not good for printing. It is grayish, not standard sized and so on. DocScanner Mac is optimized to generate documents that will print out great. Just hit CMD-P as expected.

lippupallo Mac

OCR with 13 languages.

DocScanner Mac generates PDF files with recognized text. Supported languages in alphabetical order are: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. DocScanner users fine tuned version of Tesseract as OCR engine.

MacStore 2 Mac

Available in the Mac App Store.

“Developers are always improving their apps. That’s why the Mac App Store keeps track of your apps and tells you when updates are available. Update one app at a time or all of them at once, and you’ll always have the latest versions.” That is so true. We are constantly working to make DocScanner better. Thanks to the Mac App Store, installing updates is not a hassle and we can provide new features and improvements more often. All the updates are free for existing users of DocScanner Mac.

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