Jun 29th 2010 UPDATE: SayText is now released! (iTunes link)

SayText reads aloud the text in the image. It is intended for visually impaired users. SayText is a free spin off product from the DocScanner team.

saytext comic v2 01 SayText

  1. Place the iPhone center of a document and double-tap the “Take picture” -button
  2. Slowly elevate the iPhone upwards from the document, until the whole document is in picture. A beep sound indicates, that the document has been detected. The camera will shoot automatically when focused
  3. While the OCR is running, tap the screen to hear the progress status
  4. When the OCR is ready, swipe right on the screen to listen the document

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    1. Timon says:


      Is the app allready downloadable fromt the iTunes store?

      Thanks in advance for your reply,

      Timon van Hasselt.

    2. Chris says:

      This app just looks awesome.

    3. MJ says:

      I’m really excited about this app. :)

    4. Will SayText also be available for Symbian phones?

    5. I can’t wait for this application to be out and for me to be able to give it a try. Does it process the scans on the phone or send it to a remote server to scan?

    6. roosterloop says:

      Is “say text scanner” going to be ported for Symbian? thanks for the info.

    7. Mea says:

      Wow: I think this is great!.
      Why did you make one for the blind? I mean did someone come to you and ask you to do so or something?, how useful this will be.

    8. Jacob says:

      will this program be made to work on windows mobile 6.5 operating system?

    9. Andrew says:

      Is there also an Android version for Nexus one?
      Plz make one!

    10. Amar Jain says:

      I am Amar Jain from India.
      I am totally blind and currently pursuing BLS.LL.B, at Government Law College, Mumbai.
      Though I am greatly impressed by the accessibility features of IPhone, but unfortunately, IPhone 4G is not available in India as of now.
      Since my profession demands that I should have instant access to documents, this application can be of great advantage to me.
      But as mentioned earlier, since IPhone 4G is not available here, will I be able to run this application on S60 devices?
      I am currently having Nokia N73M with Talks 5.0.
      I would like to know that what makes IPhone so special that developers are currently developing this application only for IPhone?
      And, within how much time we can expect this application too be made available for S60 devices?
      Amar Jain.

    11. Jessi says:

      I’m really excited about this app also! will it work on the 3gS or just the iPhone 4?

    12. william lomas says:

      i guess it will not work on the iphone 3gs or if it does the results will be poor? is it as accurate as say the KNFB reader is on symbian? video seemed accurate enough

    13. Chris says:

      Wish I had known about this earlier, just bought an Humanware iPal solo for £1600@ I only went blind 3 months ago, this app is going to enable me to keep my independence providing it lives up to its claims. If it does then a BIG THANK YOU FROM ALL OF US!!!! The KNFB reader is about £1000 and you guys want to give us this for free? I wish all developers were so kind.

    14. John W. Hess says:

      this sounds like a fantastic product and just in time to demo for our employment and technology institute. Will this work with the 3gs or only the 4g? Thanks.

    15. Rusty says:

      Please create this app for Android. Please Please Please

    16. Richard says:

      When will the App come to the App-Store?

    17. Richard says:

      Will the App be able to scan text in non-english languages such as german?

    18. Richard says:

      Will the app run on the iPhone 3gs or is an iPhone 4g required?

    19. joseph says:

      hi, i’m impressed with the youtube demo of this app and i cann’t wait to put my hand on my copy. However, the demo did not mention what happens to the scan results after the first use, are they saved for future use etc? once again, thanks for this wonderful app.

    20. Dana says:

      This looks like a wonderful application, and it’s terrific that it’s available for free to people with visual impairments!

      Consistent with universal access principles, could captions and a transcript please be provided for this video? Many people interested in accessible technology have a hearing loss and need to be able to understand everything that’s said on a video about technology like this. Some people who are blind or visually impaired also have hearing loss, so they would appreciate an accessible transcript of the video as well.

    21. I work for Foundation for Blind Children in Arizona. I can’t wait to show this to all my clients! We have been using the KNFB Reader mobile which many cannot afford. You guys are wonderful and wish many more like you will appear with the emergence of devices like the iPhone and with apps that provide so much independence. Any idea on a release date? God bless you guys for making it FREE!

      • Thanks for your comment. We are currently waiting for Apple to approve this. Likely it will be released in few days. I know I have been saying that for a while now, sorry. It got rejected for a stupid reason week a go and that made some delay.

    22. Sorry missed your comment “It is in review currently, likely in few days”

    23. william lomas says:

      can we also do multipages i.e. if we have a letter that is say 2 pages long can we scan both pages? this sounds superb. HOpe apple hurry up :)

    24. william lomas says:

      Does saytext work on food packages to give cooking instructions if scanned?

      • Hi,

        The initial version works best with paper documents. In future I can’t see why we could not make it work better with any kind of text.

    25. william lomas says:

      let us know please on this website when it is available to download

      • Dan says:

        Will this app be ported over to Android and Symbian as well?

        • Personally I would love to do that, but we have to wait and see how iPhone version is going to work. I’ll let you know once we get the initial feedback.



    26. william lomas says:

      just so we know, are their types of documents that we can’t read or havent been tested?i guess we don’t need manual to learn how to use it sounds really simple

    27. joseph says:

      how would we know when the app is ready to download from the itune store?

    28. Hamilton says:

      Just want to say, that it’s awsome…very nice work. Great feature for your app’s

    29. After working with SayText for well over an hour, my experience as a totally blind person is that it doesn’t work at all.

      Experimenting with a folder full of high-quality pages from a press packet, I never heard the beep after pressing the Take Picture button and slowly moving the iPhone above the page. No beep, no picture taken and no OCR done consistently. Pressing the Camera button to force a shot produced results that were totally garbage.

      Right now, this app is clearly no replacement for the KNFB Reader or a desktop scanner. I suppose it might work for those with some residual sight.

      I’m very disappointed in this app, though I realize and appreciate that I didn’t have to pay anything to give it a try.

      I’m hoping the developers will continue working on this app so that a version usable by totally blind people will be available in the future. I’d even be willing to pay a reasonable price for something that works well.

    30. Well jsust tried it on a 3gs and no go. I wish there were a thing that could beep or click or something to know if you are even close to taking the picture.

      Hope to get it working and I will test on a 4gs when I get the chance..