Three Cool Ways to Use DocScanner

On 05/08/2013, in DocScanner, by jori

DocScanner is your multi-functional copying & archiving tool for all kinds of documents. Capable of much more than just basic scanning of documents, here are three things you can use your DocScanner for:

DocScanner pic1 Three Cool Ways to Use DocScanner

1 Declutter your desk

Got a desk covered with documents, business cards, receipts, and other types of clutter? Use DocScanner to declutter it. How? It’s simple, as DocScanner can tell the difference between document types. In addition, it can auto-sort the documents to separate folders by their type. Just scan all the documents that clutter your beautiful desk! Now with digitized copies of your papers, you can trash the clutter if you want with no worries.

DocScanner pic2 Three Cool Ways to Use DocScanner

2 Make your scanned documents searchable

DocScanner creates PDF documents by pasting the scan result as an image to the document. To make the document text copyable and searchable, DocScanner comes with a handy OCR feature. Use the OCR to transform the PDF into plain text. Having the document as plain text makes it possible to copy & paste it to any iOS app, such as Gmail, Mailbox, or Notes. The extracted text is attached to the PDF as metadata, making the document searchable in any environment.

DocScanner pic3 Three Cool Ways to Use DocScanner

3 Share your documents in the cloud

DocScanner can upload scanned documents to Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. By storing your scanned documents to a cloud storage service, it’s easy to access them virtually from anywhere with an internet connection. If you want to share your documents, you can easily allow access to the cloud folder where your documents are located.

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