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In this previous blog post and in this Youtube video, we introduced how to manage receipts effectively with DocScanner & Evernote. Since then, we have launched a new app that’s solely designed for receipt management & expense tracking. Yep, that’s Piikki.

Similar to the DocScanner app, you will use the device camera to snap photos of receipts with Piikki. Then what happens after that is a bit different. For expense tracking, you can enter the receipt total and choose a category for your receipt. Make a habbit of storing your receipts to Piikki, and you can have Piikki visualize your spending with graphs! See your spending easily on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

As in DocScanner, Piikki saves all scanned documents to the In-App file manager. If the GPS geolocation is activated on your iPhone, Piikki names each receipt after the nearest street address, including the city name. With geolocation switched on, it’s easy to search for receipts photographed in a certain place, lets say New York or Los Angeles. You can also categorize and tag your receipts as you like.

Need to send your receipts to someone? Piikki has a built-in email template you can pre-configure with recipient address, subject, and message. Waste no time by typing each email separately. For cloud uploads, Piikki connects with Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive. In Piikki, there are plenty of ways to send receipts back home when on the road. No more scanning a bunch of receipts at the end of a trip!

A popular personal finance app, Piikki is a TOP 10 app in its category on the US App Store. Try it and be amazed how easy it is to manage your receipts and expenses with it!

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Here’s what being said about Piikki in the media…

“Receipts are ridiculously easy to lose, so I always try to snap a picture of important ones with my phone. From now on, I’ll be taking those pictures with Piikki.” -Lifehacker

“I love the way it finds the receipt in the camera’s frame and auto snaps and crops it. I also like that it sends the results straight up to Evernote.” -Cult of Mac

“The app also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote, meaning you can easily archive receipts to the cloud service of your choice, then share them with accounts payable or your tax guy.” -Macworld

“The best part about Piikki is being able to see what money is being spent on, how much, and how often.” -MacTrast

“Keeping track of receipts and expenses is a very important thing and this app makes it very easy.” -appPicker

Download Piikki on the App Store.

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Receipt digitization is nowadays a common practice in the business world. If you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, you need to solve three problems what comes to receipt management: How to digitize them? How to archive them? How to send them to your accountant? The practices people use to manage their receipts vary. Most people store their receipts in a box or an envelope, and then mail them over to their accountant at the end of each month. Some are more sophisticated. They scan their receipts with a flatbed scanner and then email them to their accountant. Both ways can be time consuming and work intensive.

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The Better Way To Manage Receipts

There is, however, a way more easier and faster way to manage your receipts. You’ll only need three things: An active Evernote account, the DocScanner app, and a smartphone or a tablet running iOS or Android.

For those who don’t know yet, Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving. DocScanner is a document scanner app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac with the shortest path from scanning to archiving.

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So Here’s How To Do It

First, install Evernote to your device and set up your Evernote account. Once you have your account set up, create a notebook for your receipts.

Install DocScanner and set it to send scanned receipts to your Evernote notebook. In Evernote, you can create multiple notebooks, and designate one or more for your accounting related documents. You can then share the notebooks with your accountant if you want.

The scanned receipt will appear in the shared notebook right after you’ve scanned it. Now the receipt is ready to be processed by your accountant. Evernote even makes it possible to comment and tag everything you scan and send to your accountant, making it easy to categorize and search your receipts.

Both you and your accountant will be happier and more productive when receipts and documents are scanned and organized into Evernote with DocScanner. Evernote is a cross-platform application, so the scanned documents can be viewed on any Evernote compatible device – smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Smart, easy, and productive.

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