Screen Shot 2012 08 21 at 1.52.17 PM 300x178 Good News About the Future of Document Scanner AppsThe major components affecting smartphone and tablet performance are evolving faster day by day. This progress is good news for the future of document scanner apps. Scanner apps require the most processing power during scanning and OCR. The faster the components, the faster the app can digitize and perform OCR.

We noticed in DocScanner 6 iOS‘s case that hardware processing power had increased significantly from the previous generation. For example, the third-generation Apple iPad can detect a document and digitize it in just a couple of seconds. The just released DocScanner S for Android does the same on Samsung Galaxy S III in about same amount of time. And when the iPhone 5 hits the shelves in September, it will surely reach the same level of performance as the iPad 3 and Galaxy S III.

Also the DocScanner app itself is getting faster. The latest version of DocScanner 6 iOS is 15 % faster than the previous one. It might be safe to say that in 1-2 years to come, you may expect a scanner app that is able to digitize a document in a blink of an eye with the latest hardware.

app store Good News About the Future of Document Scanner Apps

DocScanner S Is Now on Google Play

On 08/17/2012, in Android, News, by jori

DocScanner S for Android has been released and is now available for download on Google Play. A bigger cousin of the classic DocScanner app, DocScanner S is specially designed for the Samsung Galaxy S series, one of the best Android smartphone series available. On the video, DocScanner S is demoed on a Samsung Galaxy S III.

DocScanner S shortens the path from scanning to archiving into one single step resulting in major productivity gains. The enhanced image processing algorithms of DocScanner S represent the latest development in the whole category of document scanner apps. Together with the high resolution cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S series, they ensure matchless scan quality. DocScanner S also sports many of the features introduced earlier in the DocScanner 6 iOS. These include realtime preview of scan quality, non-stop scanning with automatic post-processing, and one tap sending into file hosting services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote.

Learning from our experiences with the DocScanner 6 iOS, DocScanner S is available as a separate application aside the classic DocScanner app. DocScanner S also retains the possibility to choose between auto and manual post-processing of the scanned document, thus maximizing user freedom.

get it on google play DocScanner S Is Now on Google Play

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