For all DocScanner S users out there, we have added these two Youtube video tutorials! Make the most out of your Android device & DocScanner S by discovering and using these features!

DocScanner S Settings Menu Walkthrough

Switch between PDF and JPG scanning modes.

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get it on google play New DocScanner S Youtube Video Tutorials Added

ScannerVSDocScanner Flatbed Scanner vs. DocScanner. How Do They Compare?

About to buy a flatbed scanner? Just hang on for a second, we’ve got something to tell you. If you can use an iPhone, or an iPad app as a substitute for a bulky flatbed scanner, there is little point in buying a one more device on your table. The DocScanner app does everything that a flatbed scanner can do. Let’s compare these two, and see which one comes out as a winner.



Flatbed: You can buy one in the nearest hypermarket, or place an order online. Either way, you’ll have to leave your house for shopping, or wait at least one or two business days.

DocScanner: If you have your iPhone or iPad at hand, you can install DocScanner right away from the App Store. WINNER!



Flatbed: A decent flatbed costs about 50 dollars or more.

DocScanner: You can download DocScanner on the App Store for less than 5 dollars. WINNER!



Flatbed: If you buy new, a flatbed scanner usually comes with resource consuming cardboard & styrofoam packacing. Not to mention resources used to manufacture the product itself.

DocScanner: Uses your existing iPhone or iPad as a technical platform. WINNER!



Flatbed: Usually takes up about 20-30 seconds to scan an A4 page, after which there usually is a post-processing phase to adjust the image, and to convert it as a PDF file.

DocScanner: With the latest generation of iPhones & iPads, takes up less than 10 seconds to scan a whole page and to execute automatic PDF generation. WINNER!



Flatbed: Usually produces a superb image quality. WINNER!

DocScanner: DocScanner is famous about its industry leading image quality. In optimum conditions, the DocScanner app produces a perfectly flatbed equal image quality. If this is not enough, you can import wirelessly from HP network attached flatbed scanners into DocScanner. WINNER!



Flatbed: A sizy plastic block weighing 4 pounds or more, and with a need for external power source is not exactly one can call “portable”. Portable scanner models exist, but they usually cost way more than a basic flatbed.

DocScanner: DocScanner is as portable as your iPhone or iPad. WINNER!



The match ended 6-1 to DocScanner. DocScanner was especially strong in price, scanning speed, and portability, while the image quality round was a draw. DocScanner was also easier to buy and a more eco-friendly alternative than a flatbed.

Screen Shot 2013 02 06 at 11.50.07 AM Flatbed Scanner vs. DocScanner. How Do They Compare?

Screen Shot 2012 11 26 at 2.54.22 PM Happy Cyber Monday! DocScanner S Free Launches for Android Devices!

This is how we celebrate Cyber Monday! A free version of DocScanner S has just been launched on Google Play! DocScanner S Free comes with the same feature set as the paid version. Now anybody can try and see the ultra-fast DocScanner S experience on Android devices at a price of zero dollars. The only difference between the paid and the free version is that the free version adds a watermark on “scanned” documents. Buying the paid version lets you enjoy digitized documents without the watermark. Try it now! It’s free!

get it on google play Happy Cyber Monday! DocScanner S Free Launches for Android Devices!

Screen Shot 2012 11 15 at 11.49.40 AM Something New & Great Is Going On With DocScanner S for Android

More info will be released soon.

get it on google play Something New & Great Is Going On With DocScanner S for Android

u 11627353 DocScanner Is Too a Native iPad App

Ever since the release of DocScanner 6 iOS in this July, DocScanner has been a universal iOS app. This means it now works natively both on the iPhone and the iPad. As a matter of fact, the new iPad 3 is the perfect tablet platform for DocScanner with its pixeless Retina display and the 5 megapixel iSight camera. The critically acclaimed iSight camera produces excellent photos, which coupled with DocScanner’s industry leading image quality and the Retina display results in the finest and most paper-like documents you’ve seen on a mobile device screen.

For those having both the iPhone and the iPad, there’s an iCloud integration built in the DocScanner. With the help of the iCloud, it’s easy to sync DocScanner documents between your iPhone and iPad. Furthermore, the upcoming release of the new DocScanner Mac will also include iCloud integration, creating added value for users running DocScanner on both mobile and non-mobile devices.

If you have installed DocScanner on your iPhone, you can install it on your iPad without buying the app again on App Store. Just check the App Store “Purchased” tab on your iPad.

app store DocScanner Is Too a Native iPad App

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